Saturday, 3 May 2014

Doug cried.

So, it's been a very long time (over 4 months) since I've written.
I hope that you're well.
Find work?
Look at you - you've lost weight... love your hair.
The blackout/ice storm sucked, eh?
Did you have a good New Years?
Valentine's Day all that you had hoped for?
How 'bout them Raptors!

I've been busy with life... lots of life - commitments, responsibilities and changes... more about those in later blogs- the reason for my coming out of hiding, is that I need to respond to a few words by Rex Murphy.
You can find these words on Youtube
In the editorial, Rex Murphy has some rather pointed words about Rob Ford, as so many do these days.   After reciting the long list of perceived offences, Rex suggests that the worst of it has been that Rob has made his brother Doug cry.

I’m sorry, Rex wants me to feel sorry for Doug Ford?

Rob made him cry?

He’s been nothing but a loyal brother standing up for his embattled brother?

Excuse me – but Doug Ford was an elected member of City Council and assumed a responsibility to the people of Toronto and his riding.    I’ll have no tears for Doug.
Rob Ford would appear to be an addict, full of shallow bile and ignorance -  a man incapable of taking care of himself in public or in private.- in short, a pathetic figure. 

But somebody has helped him hobble along to where he is today.  
It sure wasn't me.

Somebody has made it possible for Rob to NOT take responsibility for his actions; somebody has exaggerated the attacks on poor Rob and tried to cast him as victim rather than criminal.
And that somebody is NOT an addict.  

That somebody has assured the public many, many times that he’s never seen Rob take drugs, hasn't seen Rob drunk in years, hasn't seen Rob drink… has assured us again and again that Rob is fine and in control, if only the media would stop picking on him.  That same somebody has routinely lied to us all and vouched for, not only his brother, but his menagerie of odious companions - reminding us that Rob is a man of the people and just being loyal to good people.    
And that somebody is Doug Ford.

I will not shed a tear for Doug.  Doug has lied to me far too many times.  Doug has supported Rob in a reckless irresponsible manner… Doug has been as big a bully as Rob… and he has no addiction to blame for such disgusting and duplicitous behaviour.

Rob made Doug cry? 

Good.  It's about time that somebody did. 

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