Monday, 25 February 2013

And so it begins...

So, here we go..

A new blog.
A new beginning.
I'm a terrible blogger.
I've helped to teach people to be good bloggers and some have taken what I've taught them and created awesome blogs.  I would insist, for instance, that blogs should be frequent, pithy and not academic essays.
In the past, I have written infrequently... going months between posts... and written long drawn out essays that have taken a great deal of time to craft.   Not this time.
This time: short... to the point.
Possibly contradicted the next day.
Oh... and I always tell people that should avoid the use of the elipsis....
It makes it look like you're hiding something.
Am I.....  ?

This blog will feature half baked thoughts that I have when I'm in meetings and not really paying attention; when I'm in church and can't focus; I will share conversations that I have with myself when I'm driving to work and back.   I may invoke imaginary people (I rarely drive alone in my head... but, alas, imaginary people will not allow me access to the carpool lane).  I will wax poetic, theologic, philosophic and probably idiotic.  But that's how it's going to be.
You are invited to join me.
  (I kind of hope you will)

For now, in an effort to stay short and pithy...
  I will don the appropriate helmet and bid you, adieu.

(and raise you three clubs)


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